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mother & daughter 

Have you ever wondered...

  • What your mom thought the moment you were born?

  • Or where your daughter would go if she could go anywhere in the universe?


Just Between Us —The mother daughter journal: Thoughtful writing prompts and entertaining mini quizzes in this beautiful mom and daughter journal pave the way to discussing everything from friends and school to crushes and growing up. Just Between Us provides plenty of free space for writing about whatever comes to mind, plus pages for drawing and making lists, ensuring this mom and me journal stays refreshingly open-ended.

A bestselling mom and daughter journal: With advice and perspectives from both generations, two lovely ribbon bookmarks (one each for mother and daughter), and appealing illustrations, this deluxe hardcover journal has established itself as a bestselling phenomenon. It's a surefire hit with moms and girls alike!

This is the re-branded and updated version of the original, flagship journal published in 2010.

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